The Undercity
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Game/Set: Allegiance


The Undercity


Lucid Raven Productions





Cards Total:

16 out of 110

The Undercity is the first expansion of Allegiance It is developed by Lucid Raven Productions, but is never published. It would consist of 110 cards. It would also feature a new faction: Guild Darkmoor.

However 16 cards were giving a preview on the site of the publisher.

Card ListEdit

Title Type Faction
Collapse! Event -
Force Barrier Invocation -
Gambling Hall Structure -
Glorious Aura Item -
General Stowbins Personality Veteran's Guild
Gregous Elkwood Personality Guild Darkmoor
Horseman Personality Veteran's Guild
Inspector Crowther Personality House Mosfin
Jail Time Event -
Jasper Quinn Personality Guild Darkmoor
Lookout Tower Structure -
Squire Personality Veteran's Guild
Stone Devourer Wanderer -
Swaimy Jonias Personality Guild Darkmoor
Vinnious Macrentire Personality Guild Darkmoor
Wild Goose Chase Event -

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