Tournament Pack 3 is an expansion of Naruto CCG It was printed by Bandai in 2011 and consists of 60 cards. It is available in boosters only.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 12 Jutsus
  • 12 Missions
  • 36 Ninjas

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 23 Commons
  • 16 Uncommons
  • 16 Rares
  • 5 Super Rares

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type
J-827 Tree Climbing Training Uncommon Jutsu
J-828 Standing Alone Uncommon Jutsu
J-829 Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu Rare Jutsu
J-830 Chidori Super Rare Jutsu
J-831 Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken Super Rare Jutsu
J-832 Barrier Battle Arts Rare Jutsu
J-833 Deformable Body Uncommon Jutsu
J-834 Blade of the Thunder God Rare Jutsu
J-835 Stunning Strike Uncommon Jutsu
J-836 Fear of Blood Rare Jutsu
J-837 Chakra Manipulation Training Uncommon Jutsu
J-838 Money Style: Shadow Clone Jutsu Rare Jutsu
M-776 Summoning Weapons Rare Mission
M-777 After the Battle Rare Mission
M-778 Old Faces, New Problems Rare Mission
M-779 Demon's Eyes Rare Mission
M-780 Clone Training Uncommon Mission
M-781 Awkward Thinking Super Rare Mission
M-782 Low Stamina Rare Mission
M-783 Observer Uncommon Mission
M-784 Under the Rising Moon Uncommon Mission
M-785 Fond Memories Rare Mission
M-786 The Fool & The Elite Rare Mission
M-787 Money Style: "Help Me" Jutsu Rare Mission
N-1170 Hinata Hyuga - Hyuga Lineage Common Ninja
N-1171 Shikamaru Nara - Nara Clan Secrets Common Ninja
N-1172 Neji Hyuga - Absolute Defense Common Ninja
N-1173 Asuma Sarutobi - Chakra Blades Common Ninja
N-1174 The 1st Hokage - Regrowth Uncommon Ninja
N-1175 Sasuke Uchiha - Team 8 Elite Common Ninja
N-1176 Kakashi Hatake - Sharingan Copy Common Ninja
N-1177 Itachi Uchiha - Vengeance Uncommon Ninja
N-1178 The 3rd Hokage - The Hokage Level Rare Ninja
N-1179 Naruto Uzumaki - Shadow Clone Common Ninja
N-1180 Rock Lee - Taijutsu Specialist Common Ninja
N-1181 Kushina Uzumaki - Eternal Bond Common Ninja
N-1182 Killer Bee - Transformation Common Ninja
N-1183 Sai - Kind Words? Common Ninja
N-1184 Naruto Uzumaki (Tailed Beast Form) - Anger Unleashed Super Rare Ninja
N-1185 A - Crushing Power Rare Ninja
N-1186 Eight Tails - As One Uncommon Ninja
N-1187 Suigetsu Hozuki - Water Incarnate Common Ninja
N-1188 Jugo - Psychotic Influence Common Ninja
N-1189 Karin - Transference Common Ninja
N-1190 Suigetsu Hozuki - Akatsuki Initiate Common Ninja
N-1191 Jugo - Cursed Healing Common Ninja
N-1192 Sasuke Uchiha - Awakened Mangekyo Common Ninja
N-1193 Orochimaru - Snake Amongst the Clouds Uncommon Ninja
N-1194 Sasuke Uchiha (State 2) - State 2 Rare Ninja
N-1195 Sakura Haruno - Scrounge Tools Common Ninja
N-1196 Gaara of the Desert - Sand Coffin Common Ninja
N-1197 Kurenai Yuhi - Illusion Common Ninja
N-1198 Konan - Paper Storm Uncommon Ninja
N-1199 Pain (Animal Path) - Pain's Voice Common Ninja
N-1200 Pain (Preta Path) - Pain's Hand Common Ninja
N-1201 Pain (Naraka Path) - Pain's Mind Common Ninja
N-1202 Pain (Human Path) - Pain's Soul Uncommon Ninja
N-1203 Pain (Asura Path) - Pain's Face Uncommon Ninja
N-1204 Pain (Deva Path) - Pain's Body Uncommon Ninja
N-1205 Nagato - The Six Paths of Pain Super Rare Ninja

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