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Vorlons is the first virtual expansion set of the Babylon 5 CCG. It consists of 145 cards. The cards have a copyright date of 2004.

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Type BreakdownEdit

  • 2 Groups

Rarity BreakdownEdit

Card ListsEdit

Dark Star Uncommon Enhancement
The Lion Of The Stars Common Aftermath
The Good Old Days Uncommon Agenda
Trouble-Maker Common Character
Adira Mollari Rare Character
Aria Tensus Uncommon Character
Carn Mollari Common Character
Kiron Maray Uncommon Character
Londo Mollari Rare Character
Vocator Jaddo Rare Character
Mother Of All Parties Rare Conflict
Suppress Common Conflict
Zoog Rare Contingency
Benzer Common Enhancement
Household Gods Uncommon Enhancement
Li Uncommon Event
Mogoth Common Event
Stripped Rare Aftermath
Secret Subversion Common Aftermath
Destroy Them Utterly Uncommon Agenda
Leech Rare Conflict
Ministrations Rare Enhancement
Destined For The Stars Uncommon Agenda
Dr. Benjamin Kyle Common Character
Franklin - Off Duty Uncommon Character
Garibaldi - Off Duty Uncommon Character
Walker Smith Common Character
Senator Quantrell Rare Character
Bester Rare Character
President Clark Rare Character
Warren Keffer Common Character
Reunited Uncommon Conflict
Claim Their Place Common Conflict
Create Common Ground ? Event
Look To The Future ? Event
Never Give Up ? Event
EarthForce One Rare Fleet
Rapture Common Aftermath
In Our Image Uncommon Agenda
Dukhat Rare Character
Ashan Common Character
Valen Rare Character
Lennier Common Character
Delenn Rare Character
Sareer Common Character
Animus Common Conflict
Prophecy Attended Uncommon Conflict
Staff of Office Rare Enhancement
Cestus Rare Enhancement
Sanctum Uncommon Enhancement
Call of the Stars ? Event
Service ? Event
Solidarity Common Aftermath
Preserve The Mu'Tai Uncommon Agenda
Diversity Uncommon Agenda
Grome Bigot Common Character
Lukor Uncommon Character
Mila Shar Common Character
The Mutah-Doh Rare Character
Drone Common Character
Mog Mal Ged Rare Character
Kal Kra Dool Uncommon Character
Stand Together Common Conflict
Song of Sol/Mon Rare Enhancement
Lack of Leadership ? Event
Signs ? Event
The Mu'Tai Uncommon Group
Flash Mob Common Aftermath
Arms Cache Common Aftermath
Strive for Freedom Uncommon Agenda
G'Dok Common Character
G'Drog Common Character
Va'Kal Uncommon Character
G'Kar Rare Character
Na'Keth Common Character
Hot-Head Common Character
Na'Toth Uncommon Character
Never Forgive Common Conflict
Cycle of Violence Rare Contingency
Contract Rare Enhancement
Anger ? Event
Charge ? Event
Fugitive Fleet Rare Fleet
Night Terrors Common Aftermath
Humiliation Common Aftermath
Stricken Uncommon Aftermath
Stand Against The Past Uncommon Aftermath
Nurture Conspiracy Rare Agenda
Secrets of the Order Rare Agenda
Profit from Strife Uncommon Agenda
Jinxo Rare Character
Varn Rare Character
Aldus (sic) Uncommon Character
Death Walker Rare Character
Crisis Talks Common Conflict
Communications Blackout Uncommon Conflict
Create Tachyon Rift Rare Conflict
The Universe Blinked Common Conflict
Buy What They Want Common Conflict
The Haunter In The Dark Common Conflict
Plans Within Plans Uncommon Conflict
Incite Mutineers Common Conflict
Insurgency Common Conflict
Ikaran Weapon Rare Conflict
The Line Rare Conflict
Warpath ? Conflict
Death of Personality Uncommon Conflict
Shot In The Back ? Contingency
Duck Dodgers Common Enhancement
A Crusade... Common Enhancement
Machine City Rare Enhancement
All Out War ? Event
Lose Control ? Event
The Path of Sorrows Rare Event
Use The Machine Uncommon Event
Hide-bound ? Event
Destined ? Event
Doomed ? Event
Anti-Intruder Device ? Event
Epsilon III Rare Location
Sector 14 Rare Location
The Man In Between ? Character
The Shadows Move Uncommon Conflict
The Great Eye Rare Enhancement
The Great Pit ? Enhancement
Order Triumphant Rare Agenda
Reward Obedience Common Agenda
DNA Programming Uncommon Agenda
Lyta Rare Character
"Angel" Rare Character
"Dro'Shalla" Rare Character
"G'Lan" Rare Character
"Valeria" Rare Character
Kosh Uncommon Character
The Inquisitor Rare Character
Ulkesh Uncommon Character
Create The Future Common Conflict
Relentless Rare Conflict
The Song Uncommon Conflict
Walking Stick Uncommon Enhancement
Manacles of Truth Rare Enhancement
Invulnerable ? Event
Punished ? Event
Kosh's Ship Rare Fleet


  • Not all cards are numbered below the picture and therefor it's impossible to create a numbered list.

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