War of Factions
Waroffactions booster
Game/Set: Allegiance


War of Factions


Lucid Raven Productions







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War of Factions is the base set of Allegiance It was printed by Lucid Raven Productions on 24 June 2004 and consists of 220 cards. It was available in 12-card boosters and 55-card starters.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 30 Events
  • 26 House Mosfin
  • 13 Invocations
  • 25 Items
  • 75 Personalities (26 House Mosfin, 25 The Glory of Kalim and 27 Veteran's Guild)
  • 6 Strongholds
  • 40 Structures
  • 3 Walls
  • 28 Wanderers

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 99 Commons
  • 11 Common Starters
  • 70 Uncommons
  • 40 Rares

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Faction
Acormis Winters Uncommon Personality The Glory of Kalim
Amena Huur Uncommon Personality House Mosfin
Arch Bishop Lawrence Rare Personality The Glory of Kalim
Ariam's Temple Common Stronghold -
Aristocrat's Haven Uncommon Structure -
Arson! Uncommon Event -
Bannion Rowens Uncommon Personality Veteran's Guild
Bell Tower Common Structure -
Berrens Garnain Common Personality House Mosfin
Bishop of Kalim Common Personality The Glory of Kalim
Bishop Ospin Rare Personality The Glory of Kalim
Black Plague Rare Event -
Blackmail Common Event -
Blacksmith's Shop Common Starter Structure -
Blade Master Rare Personality Veteran's Guild
Blood Feeder Uncommon Wanderer -
Bow Common Item -
Bowman Common Personality The Glory of Kalim
Bowman Common Personality House Mosfin
Bowman Common Personality Veteran's Guild
Brienne Toriam Common Personality The Glory of Kalim
Brothel Rare Structure -
Builder's Guild Uncommon Structure -
Cadgius Minsk Uncommon Personality House Mosfin
Call of the Wild Common Event -
Calowen Rowens Rare Personality Veteran's Guild
Campaign Office Common Starter Structure -
Captain Dorian Rare Personality Veteran's Guild
Castle Melkwith Rare Stronghold -
Catapult Rare Personality House Mosfin
Catapult Uncommon Personality Veteran's Guild
Cave Troll Common Wanderer -
Chapel Common Structure -
Charin Molair Rare Personality The Glory of Kalim
Church Rare Structure -
Coliseum Uncommon Structure -
College Uncommon Structure -
Construction Guild Uncommon Structure -
Corrupt Gatekeeper Uncommon Event -
Counter Tactics Common Event -
Curse Uncommon Invocation -
Cyclops Uncommon Wanderer -
Dark Tidings Uncommon Event -
Dauntus Rulimar Uncommon Personality Veteran's Guild
Deadly Storm Common Event -
Death's Hand Rare Invocation -
Defender's Blade Uncommon Item -
Desperation Uncommon Event -
Divine Condemnation Common Invocation -
Divine Guidance Common Invocation -
Divine Healing Common Invocation -
Divine Intervention Uncommon Invocation -
Divine Salvation Common Invocation -
Divine Strength Common Invocation -
Divining Hand Common Invocation -
Dornian Rickson Uncommon Personality House Mosfin
Droman Tregorian Uncommon Personality House Mosfin
Durlok Kovshik Uncommon Wanderer -
Earthquake Rare Event -
Efferon Halimbar Common Personality Veteran's Guild
Eian Perone Uncommon Personality House Mosfin
Escape Route Common Event -
Failing Heart Uncommon Invocation -
Feronant Domar Common Personality House Mosfin
Festering Wound Rare Event -
Festival of Lights Uncommon Event -
Field Hospital Common Structure -
Find Cover! Uncommon Event -
Fine Clothing Shop Uncommon Structure -
Finely Crafted Platemail Rare Item -
Fire! Uncommon Event -
Footman Common Personality The Glory of Kalim
Footman Common Personality House Mosfin
Footman Common Personality Veteran's Guild
Frost Giant Common Wanderer -
Gavin Holdspring Uncommon Personality Veteran's Guild
Giant Rat Common Wanderer -
Goblin Common Wanderer -
Goblin Chieftain Common Wanderer -
Goblin Priest Uncommon Wanderer -
Goblin Stone Thrower Common Wanderer -
Gohlem Arkamis Common Personality Veteran's Guild
Grappling Hook Common Item -
Great Shield Common Item -
Great Stone Wall Rare Wall -
Guard House Common Structure -
Guillotine Rare Structure -
Hadrim Macorvis Uncommon Personality The Glory of Kalim
Harpy Common Wanderer -
Healing Herbs Common Event -
Heris Lacauld Rare Personality Veteran's Guild
Hews Etherin Rare Personality House Mosfin
High Priest of Kalim Uncommon Personality The Glory of Kalim
Higher Ground Common Event -
Highwayman Uncommon Wanderer -
Holy Crusader Uncommon Personality The Glory of Kalim
Holy Fire Uncommon Invocation -
Holy Long Sword Uncommon Item -
Holy Site Common Starter Structure -
Horn of Heroes Rare Item -
Horn Sky Keep Uncommon Stronghold -
Hunter's Horn Rare Item -
Inept Defenses Common Event -
Inn Common Starter Structure -
Jerion Millins Uncommon Personality Veteran's Guild
Joliet Selura Common Personality The Glory of Kalim
Jorman Hewson Common Personality House Mosfin
Judge Rare Personality House Mosfin
Katlyn Bromar Common Personality House Mosfin
Kaulim Roaks Common Personality Veteran's Guild
Knight Common Personality House Mosfin
Knight Common Personality Veteran's Guild
Krailin's Staff Rare Item -
Krune Malgoth Uncommon Personality Veteran's Guild
Laranna Secour Common Personality The Glory of Kalim
Larion Eldrin Uncommon Personality Veteran's Guild
Laughing Stock Common Event -
Law School Common Starter Structure -
Lawyer Common Personality House Mosfin
Legal Injunction Common Event -
Lence Moriallis Uncommon Personality The Glory of Kalim
Lerimar Rickson Rare Personality House Mosfin
Lethal Blow Rare Event -
Lich Common Wanderer -
Lirian's Tiara Uncommon Item -
Lord's Estate Common Starter Stronghold -
Lord's Palace Uncommon Stronghold -
Lord's Standard Common Item -
Lorisa Arasham Common Personality House Mosfin
Lorwin Mistaire Uncommon Personality House Mosfin
Lumber Mill Common Starter Structure -
Maelfin's Mask Uncommon Item -
Manor Common Structure -
Mariane Ludrim Common Personality The Glory of Kalim
Master's Chainmail Common Item -
Merion Dumar Common Personality Veteran's Guild
Mirror of Lacef Uncommon Item -
Nadine Entara Rare Personality Veteran's Guild
No Confidence Uncommon Event -
Noble Heart Uncommon Event -
Norine Embars Uncommon Personality The Glory of Kalim
Ooze Uncommon Wanderer -
Oracle Rare Personality The Glory of Kalim
Orc Warlord Uncommon Wanderer -
Orc Warrior Common Wanderer -
Orea Falant Uncommon Personality House Mosfin
Orins Effecora Common Personality The Glory of Kalim
Pig Farm Common Starter Structure -
Pikeman Common Personality Veteran's Guild
Pious Heart Common Event -
Political Forum Common Starter Structure -
Portcullis Uncommon Structure -
Powder Keg Common Item -
Practitioner Common Personality The Glory of Kalim
Priestess of Kalim Common Personality The Glory of Kalim
Red Dragon Rare Wanderer -
Retreat! Uncommon Event -
Rhiana Therou Uncommon Personality The Glory of Kalim
Riggins Lanks Uncommon Personality Veteran's Guild
Righteous Hand Rare Invocation -
Ring of the Doppelganger Rare Item -
Rock Giant Rare Wanderer -
Royal Guardsman Common Personality House Mosfin
Sacred Pool Common Starter Structure -
Scavenger Common Wanderer -
Scepter of Ages Rare Item -
Seer's Crystal Common Item -
Senator Common Personality House Mosfin
Senator Mirrows Rare Personality House Mosfin
Sewer Tunnel Uncommon Structure -
Shade Common Wanderer -
Shield Master Common Personality Veteran's Guild
Shifter Uncommon Wanderer -
Shilaar Rhiard Uncommon Personality The Glory of Kalim
Shrine Common Starter Structure -
Siege Engineer Uncommon Personality Veteran's Guild
Silver Tongue Common Event -
Siren Rare Wanderer -
Skeleton Warrior Common Wanderer -
Soon's Liquid Life Common Item -
Sorvin Dembruk Rare Personality The Glory of Kalim
Soul Chain Rare Invocation -
Soul Stealer Uncommon Wanderer -
Spectre Common Wanderer -
Spyglass Common Item -
Srilin Kalammai Common Personality Veteran's Guild
Stable Common Structure -
Statue Common Structure -
Stone of Perserverence Uncommon Item -
Stone of Protection Common Item -
Stone Wall   Uncommon Wall -
Storehouse Common Structure -
Strom's Tower Common Stronghold -
Superior Longsword Common Item -
Swordsman Common Personality House Mosfin
Tavern Uncommon Structure -
Temple Uncommon Structure -
Temple of Light Common Structure -
Temple of the Dead Rare Structure -
Temple of Tranquility Common Structure -
The Cimeon Rare Wanderer -
Thick Fog Common Event -
Tornado Common Event -
Tranquil Gardens Common Structure -
Trap Uncommon Event -
Trebuchet Uncommon Structure -
Triere Volorn Rare Personality House Mosfin
Troll Uncommon Wanderer -
Troman Belcarion Common Personality Veteran's Guild
Vohl Silcrisp Uncommon Personality Veteran's Guild
Wall Archer Common Personality House Mosfin
Wall Archer Common Personality Veteran's Guild
War! Rare Event -
Warrior Priest Common Personality The Glory of Kalim
Watch Tower Common Structure -
Wings of Light Common Item -
Wooden Barricade Common Wall -
Writ of Authority Common Item -
Zealot Common Personality The Glory of Kalim
Zombie Common Wanderer -

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