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Weapons of War is an expansion of Naruto CCG It was printed by Bandai on 5 August 2011 and consists of 119 cards. It is available in boosters only.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 12 Jutsus (5 Earth, 6 Fire, 6 Lightning, 5 Water and 5 Wind)
  • 12 Missions (6 Earth, 6 Fire, 9 Lightning, 5 Water and 5 Wind)
  • 36 Ninjas (12 Earth, 14 Fire, 14 Lightning, 13 Water and 15 Wind)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 23 Commons
  • 16 Uncommons
  • 16 Rares
  • 5 Super Rares

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type Symbol
J-839 Byakugan Rare Jutsu Earth
J-840 Deflection Common Jutsu Earth
J-841 Mind Transfer Jutsu Uncommon Jutsu Earth
J-842 Partial Expansion Jutsu Rare Jutsu Earth
J-843 Shadow Possession Jutsu Common Jutsu Earth
J-844 Shuriken Common Jutsu Fire
J-845 Smash Common Jutsu Fire
J-846 Sharingan Eye Common Jutsu Fire
J-847 Mangekyo Sharingan Rare Jutsu Fire
J-848 Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu Rare Jutsu Fire
J-849 Needle Jizo Common Jutsu Lightning
J-850 Double Impact Uncommon Jutsu Lightning/Fire
J-851 Seven Swords Dance Rare Jutsu Lightning
J-852 Lariat Super Rare Jutsu Lightning
J-853 Chakra Cannon Uncommon Jutsu Lightning
J-854 Severe Leaf Hurricane Uncommon Jutsu Lightning
J-855 Water Style: Demon Wave Rare Jutsu Water
J-856 Walking on Water Common Jutsu Water
J-857 Chidori Lance Rare Jutsu Water
J-858 Snake Sword Super Rare Jutsu Water
J-859 Earth Style Barrier: Earth Dome Prison Uncommon Jutsu Water
J-860 Parasitic Insect Jutsu Rare Jutsu Wind
J-861 Mind Scour Common Jutsu Wind
J-862 Finger Flick Rare Jutsu Wind
J-863 Puppet Master Jutsu Common Jutsu Wind
J-864 Flamethrower Uncommon Jutsu Wind
M-788 Wrath of the Two Tails Uncommon Mission Earth
M-789 Leaf Squad Organized! Rare Mission Earth
M-790 Sweet Treat Uncommon Mission Earth
M-791 Weapons of War Rare Mission Earth
M-792 12 Shinobi Guardians Rare Mission Earth
M-793 Quicksand Common Mission Earth
M-794 Pad Common Mission Fire
M-795 Guidance Uncommon Mission Fire
M-796 Naruto vs. Sasuke Super Rare Mission Fire/Lightning
M-797 Hokage Rocks Uncommon Mission Fire/Lightning
M-798 Fading Touch Rare Mission Fire
M-799 Brotherhood Rare Mission Fire
M-800 Sage Training Rare Mission Lightning
M-801 A Good Book Uncommon Mission Lightning
M-802 Mad Skillz Rare Mission Lightning
M-803 Ditched Common Mission Lightning
M-804 Disaster of the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit Rare Mission Lightning
M-805 Just Like That Hero Rare Mission Lightning
M-806 Fierce Clash Uncommon Mission Lightning
M-807 Flashback Uncommon Mission Water
M-808 Ambush Common Mission Water
M-809 Right of Succession Super Rare Mission Water
M-810 Teacher and Pupil Rare Mission Water
M-811 Research Uncommon Mission Water
M-812 The Blank Page Common Mission Wind
M-813 Sealing Barrier Rare Mission Wind
M-814 Ignorance Uncommon Mission Wind
M-815 A Gift Rare Mission Wind
M-816 Kage of the Leaf Uncommon Mission Wind
N-1206 Choji Akimichi - Out to Lunch Common Ninja Earth
N-1207 Hinata Hyuga (Kimono) - Kimono Girls Common Ninja Earth
N-1208 Tenten (Kimono) - Kimono Girls Common Ninja Earth
N-1209 Ino Yamanaka (Kimono) - Kimono Girls Uncommon Ninja Earth
N-1210 Neji Hyuga - Absolute Vision Common Ninja Earth
N-1211 Shikamaru Nara - Shadow Barbs Common Ninja Earth
N-1212 Chiriku - Longtime Friend Rare Ninja Earth/Fire
N-1213 Hinata Hyuga - Limtless Sight Common Ninja Earth
N-1214 Deidara - Bomb Maker Rare Ninja Earth
N-1215 Yamato - Rebuild Rare Ninja Earth
N-1216 The 1st Hokage - Supremacy Super Rare Ninja Earth
N-1217 Akamaru - Tenacity Common Ninja Fire
N-1218 Kiba Inuzuka - Sharp Tactics Common Ninja Fire
N-1219 Sasuke Uchiha - Ocular Abilities Common Ninja Fire
N-1220 Pakkun - Brains Over Brawn Common Ninja Fire
N-1221 Yugao Uzuki - Elite Force Uncommon Ninja Fire
N-1222 Sasuke Uchiha - Eternal Rival Common Ninja Fire
N-1223 Obito Uchiha - Stalwart Rare Ninja Fire/Wind
N-1224 Tobi - Jokester Common Ninja Fire
N-1225 Danzo - Research Rare Ninja Fire
N-1226 Hidan - Cursed Existence Rare Ninja Fire
N-1227 Kakashi Hatake - Realized Pain Uncommon Ninja Fire
N-1228 Itachi Uchiha - Uchiha Elite Uncommon Ninja Fire
N-1229 The 3rd Hokage - Supremacy Super Rare Ninja Fire
N-1230 Konohamaru - Sarutobi Lineage Common Ninja Lightning
N-1231 Naruto Uzumaki - Eternal Rival Common Ninja Lightning
N-1232 Ink Lion - Beast Scroll Common Ninja Lightning
N-1233 Rock Lee - Dancing Leaf Common Ninja Lightning
N-1234 Naruto Uzumaki (Clone) - Clone Common Ninja Lightning
N-1235 Iruka Umino - Strategic Placement Common Ninja Lightning
N-1236 Sai - Ink Creation Rare Ninja Lightning/Earth
N-1237 Killer Bee - Da Eighth Uncommon Ninja Lightning
N-1238 Anko Mitarashi (Kimono) - Kimono Girls Uncommon Ninja Lightning
N-1239 Might Guy - Celerity Rare Ninja Lightning
N-1240 Jiraiya - Instructor Rare Ninja Lightning
N-1241 The 4th Hokage - Supremacy Super Rare Ninja Lightning
N-1242 Eight Tails - Spear Rare Ninja Lightning
N-1243 Orochimaru - Sealed Common Ninja Water
N-1244 Sakon - Duplicity Common Ninja Water
N-1245 Karin - Absorption Common Ninja Water
N-1246 Anko Mitarashi - Test Proctor Rare Ninja Water/Lightning
N-1247 Suigetsu Hozuki - Swordsman of Akatsuki Uncommon Ninja Water
N-1248 Jugo (State 1) - Full Power Uncommon Ninja Water
N-1249 Zabuza Momochi - Demon of the Mist Super Rare Ninja Water
N-1250 Sasuke Uchiha - The Hawk Super Rare Ninja Water
N-1251 The 2nd Hokage - Supremacy Super Rare Ninja Water
N-1252 Sakura Haruno (Kimono) - Kimono Girls Common Ninja Wind
N-1253 Kankuro - Puppet Swap Common Ninja Wind
N-1254 Tonton - Assistant's Pet Common Ninja Wind
N-1255 Shino Aburame - Symbiotic Relationship Common Ninja Wind
N-1256 Sakura Haruno - Chakra Control Rare Ninja Wind
N-1257 Shizune (Kimono) - Kimono Girls Uncommon Ninja Wind
N-1258 Kurenai Yuhi - Genjutsu Master Rare Ninja Wind
N-1259 The 5th Hokage - Supremacy Super Rare Ninja Wind
N-1260 Kurenai Yuhi (Kimono) - Kimono Girls Rare Ninja Wind
N-1261 Tsunade (Kimono) - Kimono Girls Rare Ninja Wind
N-1262 Jirobo (State 1) Common Ninja Water
N-1263 Kabuto Yakushi Common Ninja Water
N-1264 Tayuya Common Ninja Water
N-1265 Haku Uncommon Ninja Water
N-1266 Temari Common Ninja Wind
N-1267 Gaara of the Desert Common Ninja Wind
N-1268 Chiyo Uncommon Ninja Wind
N-1269 Baki Uncommon Ninja Wind

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