Wheel of Fire is the seventh expansion set of the Babylon 5 CCG. It is published by Precedence Publishing in 2000 and consists of 156 cards.

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Type BreakdownEdit

  • 13 Aftermaths
  • 9 Agendas
  • 49 Characters
  • 25 Conflicts
  • 8 Contingencies
  • 17 Enhancements
  • 18 Events
  • 9 Fleets
  • 4 Groups
  • 4 Locations

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 50 Commons
  • 50 Uncommons
  • 50 Rares
  • 4 Rare-1s
  • 3 Autographs
  • 1 Promo

Card ListsEdit

Agitation Uncommon Conflict
Airlock Mishap Common Event
All Alone in the Night Common Aftermath
Alliance Fleet Rare Fleet
And So It Begins Uncommon Contingency
Attack the Shadows Common Conflict
Barren Worlds Rare Location
Black Rose Killer Common Aftermath
Blow the Jump Gate Uncommon Conflict
Blue Narn Rare Character
Brakiri Priest Rare Character
Bread and Circuses Uncommon Aftermath
Breaking News Common Aftermath
But We're Allies Common Conflict
Captain Ivanova Rare Character
Chief Allan Rare Character
Conquest Fleet Uncommon Fleet
Contest the Presidency Common Conflict
Cooperative Measure Common Event
Coplann Uncommon Character
Corporate Connections Rare Contigency
Cosmopolis Uncommon Location
Councilor La'shan Uncommon Character
Crawling Chaos Common Event
Dangerous Game Common Event
Dark Legacy Uncommon Enhancement
Declaration of Principles Common Enhancement
Destroy Them From Within Uncommon Aftermath
Disillusioned Garibaldi Rare Character
Doctor Sheridan Rare Character
Doctor Sheridan Autograph Character
Drakh Armada Rare Fleet
Drakh Entire Uncommon Group
Drakh Mothership Uncommon Fleet
Drakh Raiders Common Fleet
Drazi Merchant Common Character
Drone Fleet Rare Fleet
Elizabeth Lochley (Cost 10) Rare Character
Elizabeth Lochley (Nightwatch) Rare Character
Emperor Mollari II (Old) Rare-1 Character
Emperor Mollari II (Young) Rare-1 Character
Emperor Refa Rare Character
Errand of Mercy Uncommon Conflict
Espers Rare Group
Expelled Common Conflict
Feast of Lights Rare Aftermath
Flarn Promo Event
Flying Fortress Uncommon Fleet
Foment Discord Common Agenda
Force Omega Uncommon Fleet
Forell Common Character
Free Trade Common Conflict
General Na'Tok Uncommon Character
Gerontocracy Uncommon Enhancement
G'Obel Rare Character
Guilds Uncommon Group
Hindsight Rare Event
Interstellar Alliance Common Event
ISA President Common Enhancement
It Stops Here Rare Aftermath
Ivory Towers Common Enhancement
Kill Them All Common Event
King Arthur Rare Character
Kirrin Uncommon Character
Kullenbrak Rare Character
Lady Na'Toth Rare Character
Lazarenn Uncommon Character
League Spokesbeing Uncommon Enhancement
Legacy of Power Rare Aftermath
Let the Galaxy Burn Common Agenda
Lieutenant Corwin Rare Character
Lieutenant Corwin Autograph Character
Llort Bodyguard Common Character
Lyta Released Rare Character
Main Battlefleet Rare Fleet
Major Lianna Kemmer Uncommon Character
Manish'tushu Uncommon Character
Master of Darkness Common Character
Media Circus Rare Group
Medical Database Common Conflict
Megalopolis Uncommon Location
Minister Chorlini Uncommon Character
Miziri Tal Rare Character
Mutual Defense Common Enhancement
My Good Friend! Uncommon Event
Napar'ishu Common Character
Newton's Third Law Rare Contingency
Nug/Ulg Uncommon Character
Open Aggression Rare Conflict
Opportunism Rare Conflict
Organic Technology Uncommon Enhancement
Outfoxed Common Contingency
Pak'ma'ra's Hump Common Enhancement
Point of No Return Common Enhancement
Power of Darkness Common Event
Power Supreme Uncommon Agenda
President Sheridan Rare Character
President Sheridan Autograph Character
Prohibited Area Common Conflict
Proof of Genocide Uncommon Conflict
Psychedelic Program Common Conflict
Psychic Trauma Common Contingency
Pull From Behind Common Conflict
Renegade Telepath Uncommon Character
Resist the Vorlons Common Conflict
Rimush Rare Character
Roam the Stars Uncommon Location
Round Table Uncommon Event
Rule By the Masses Uncommon Agenda
Schism Rare Event
Search For a Home Uncommon Agenda
Secret and Arrogant Common Conflict
Seeds of Destruction Rare Agenda
Shadow of a Shadow Rare Enhancement
Shai Alyt Neroon Rare Character
Shar'kali Uncommon Character
Sharrukin Rare Character
Shine in the Night Common Conflict
Shiv'kala Rare Character
Signs and Portents Uncommon Contingency
Soldier of Darkness Rare Character
Something in the Air Common Enhancement
Starfire Wheel Rare Conflict
State Visit Uncommon Event
Strange Happenings Common Event
Subvert the Nexus Uncommon Agenda
Surgeon of Darkness Uncommon Character
Surgical Strike Rare Conflict
Terror Tactics Uncommon Agenda
The Chosen Ones Uncommon Event
The Corps is Father Uncommon Enhancement
The First One Common Aftermath
The Rangers Common Enhancement
The Regent Rare Character
The Secret Masters Common Agenda
The Trap Is Sprung Uncommon Aftermath
There Is Danger, Remember Rare Aftermath
Touched By Vorlons Uncommon Aftermath
Treachery Rare Contingency
Tyranny Enthroned Rare Conflict
United We Stand Uncommon Aftermath
Unity Common Contingency
Universal Policeman Common Conflict
Ur'nammu Common Character
Vorlon Rare-1 Character
Vorlon Renegade Rare-1 Character
We Are One Common Enhancement
We Have Always Been Here Uncommon Enhancement
We Say It's Over Common Conflict
Wheel of Fire Rare Conflict
Who Do You Serve? Uncommon Event
Win-Win Schemes Common Enhancement
Wisdom of G'Quan Uncommon Event
Work of the Wicked Common Conflict
Wushmeshkeshlep Fo Uncommon Character
You Have No Power Here Rare Event

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